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The Sisters of Charity of St. Bartholomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa (SCCG) has a long history of fruitful service in Bengal, different parts of India and abroad. Their presence and ministry have been responsible for the spread of the Gospel in deep and inaccessible areas. My memory of the Sisters of Charity goes back to the 1950s, when I was an assistant in the parish of St. Teresa Church, Kolkata. The Chapel in Convent Road was one of the communities where I used to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Later, as Archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar, I was a regular visitor to the Convent of Puri along the seashore. Sr. Giulia SCCG was there, though already retired, her zeal for souls was still very alive. She wanted a school for the fishermen’s children, and succeeded in opening one. This led to the involvement of Sr. Gemma SCCG in the work with the leprosy patients started by Fr. Marianus Zelazek SVD in the leprosy colony near the Jaganath Temple of Puri. That ministry transformed the whole area. I am happy to put these few lines on record as a token of appreciation, and an example of the dedicated and generous ministry of the Sisters of Charity over several decades of the last century and before. May God continue to bless the Sisters of Charity with his graces and loving protection!

Emeritus Archbishop Henry D’ Souza,Calcutta

The Sisters of Charity of St. Bartolomea Capitanio and St. Vincenza Gerosa landed up in Krishnagar, a place very close to our Cathedral Church on 17th March 1860. It was a great day for the Sisters of Charity and for the people of Krishnagar. It was a memorable day and it is remembered even today with great pride by all of us. It has a long history of fruitful service not only in Krishnagar but in the whole of India and all over the world. The spreading of Gospel and the love of Christ Jesus was their passion in their mission and service. I came in contact with them from the year 1955 when my family came down to Ranaghat from Kolkata. Then I was about 10 years old. Only there I realized their hard work in the spread of the love of Christ by means of education, health care, running boarding, orphanage and also doing catechetical work. I found them motherly and sisterly as they take great care of the little children. They truly love those who are left out, ignored and rejected by the society. I do appreciate their selfless, hard and relentless work. I should say they have proved themselves to be dedicated, generous and self sacrificing sisters. I wish God’s manifold Graces for this Congregation and every member in it.

Bp. Joseph Suren Gomes sdb, DD., Krishnagar Diocese, Dist. Nadia, West Bengal - 741101

A testimony from the heart of an Admirer and Brother of the Sisters of Charity

They are a unique band of zealous, focused and down to earth missionaries! Those who know them closely cannot but feel genuinely proud of them for their commitment and loving service to those under their care, be it in boardings, formal schools, hospitals, grihini centres or parishes! Visit their centres and you will find them busy like bees with their mission! I salute and love the Sisters of Charity for what they are to the Church, to the country and to the world!

Fr. Jeyaraj Veluswamy S.J., Jesuit Provincial (Calcutta Province)

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It has been my immense pleasure to work with some of the sisters of Charity in Santoria Hospital, E.C.L. I observed them extremely dedicated to their work, affectionate to patients and creating a holy, warm atmosphere in the wards with patients, colleagues, doctors and staffs of the hospital. May the divine grace fall upon them in rendering more and more service to mankind.
Dr. Anjan Kr. Dey, C.M.O, Santoria Hospital

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I am associated with this Institution for long 52 years as an ex-student, teacher and guardian. The treasure I received from this school and from my revered sisters and teachers is beyond my capacity to express. I wonder whether I would have received this much from any other Institution. I came across many sisters along my life’s journey. Each one has greatly contributed towards the shaping of my life and what I am today I owe my heartfelt gratitude to God for giving me such sisters along my life’s journey. I still have contact with most of the sisters. My heart is filled with love and gratitude as I recall the experiences I have received in my life from my sisters. I bow my head in reverence and gratitude to the Foundress St. Bartolomea, because my life is fulfilled and blessed by my association with her followers - The Sisters of Charity. I constantly pray to God our Father for the all round well being of all the sisters of this Institution.
Jayanti Pal Chowdhury, Ex- student, teacher & guardian, Holy Child Institute, Beadon Street

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I am extremely happy and grateful to the Lord for the hospital of Chilimpur which is run by ‘Sisters of Charity’. I know the sisters from my childhood; their dedicated and sacrificing spirit has touched me from the beginning. I always remember with joy and gladness all the doctors and sisters who came here and went. As I recall the good old days I remember we used to get medicines from a small room of a small building and later on in the dispensary but today in the hospital. If we needed any investigations we had to run about to very faraway places with much anxiety and tension, then it used to take at least two days to go and return. It was also painful to see the patient suffering, not knowing what will be the result of those investigations. But today as we come the investigations like blood tests and x-ray are taken immediately and we get the proper medicines along with the report. Therefore our tensions are much less now. I remember an incident of many years ago, once my sister was very sick and the doctor told my father to take her to Rampurhat the nearest town for blood test and x-ray. He went and came back only on the next day. My family remained all the time with much anxiety and even had no food until they returned. Of course she was admitted in Chilimpur hospital and got well. But a recent incident is that another sister of my mine was sick with fever and cough for many days. She was afraid of injections and did not go to the hospital but took a lot of medicines from different quacks who roam about in the villages. But she became very ill and finally we took her to the hospital in Chilimpur. Immediately the necessary investigations were done and she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and started the anti-tubercular treatment on the same day. Today she is completely cured from her illness. Yet I have another incident to tell. My niece was brought to the hospital for her confinement which was little difficult. An ultrasound was done on her and was found that she had very little fluid in the uterus. With the necessary precautions she had a safe delivery. With joy and gratitude in the heart we went home with the mother and the new born baby. Therefore sincerely I acknowledge the improvement in the hospital and thank the good God and the sisters for their sacrificial life.
Lalitha Tudu, Chilimpur, Birbhum

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I, Mrs. Khudi Murmu (Hansda) forty years back in the year 1973, was admitted to Sisters of Charity convent school in Kalna. On my first day of entrance to the school Sr. Archangela received me with so much of love and care. Along with me there were 13 more children (girls). We were like family members in the company of the sisters. They loved us like their own daughters. Even today when I recall my days at school I feel very happy and proud. When I was in KG class, I was securing first rank. By their love and attention I was able to come up with good results always. When I was in Class V, my father passed away and so I had no means to continue my studies because of the poor family background. But sister superior gave shelter to our family- my mother and my younger sister. That is how I could finish my studies. The Sisters of Charity helped me a lot with good education as well as other needed materials. They have really lighted the lamp of knowledge in me, and so today I am blessed with a good government job. I am now a Junior Manager of Punjab National Bank. Sisters even arranged for my marriage and stood by me as my parents at the marriage. My husband is a Primary school Headmaster. I have three children, two girls and one boy. I enjoy a happy family life and I am very much indebted to the Sisters of Charity because they are in the place of my parents here on earth.
Mrs. Khudi Murmu (Hansda), Kalna, Burdwan,Dist- West Bengal

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I am Santana Mondal, an ex-student of Holy Child Institute, 1, Abhedananda Road, Kolkata 700006. In my childhood, I entered the Holy child Night School. From night school, Sisters admitted me to the main stream and took all the responsibility of my education up to class X. They also helped my family in many ways. I will always remember the help and the support they have given to me and my family. At present I am teaching in a Government primary school. I am grateful to all the sisters of my school.
Santana Mondal, Ramdulal Street, Vivekananda Road, Kolkata - 6

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I am from the village of Water works Road in Puri. My parents could not educate me due to utter poverty. As I grew up, I took up rickshaw pulling as a means of livelihood. When I came to know about the Sisters of Charity, a new ray of light began to brighten my life. I did not know how to read and write. I learnt it with the help of our sisters here at Dharmadham in Puri. All the rickshaw pullers were very eager to educate ourselves specially to learn English which helps us to communicate with the tourists. Besides this we had different awareness programme i.e. small savings, avoiding drinking habits, health awareness and the importance of taking care of our children .These enabled us to have a broader vision of life. I received a rickshaw from the sisters here and am now able to earn my living. I am still pulling the rickshaw and keep constant contact with the sisters. They continue to help me to educate my daughter. All of us in the group are impressed by the programme arranged for us by the sisters. Here we came to know God as our Father and we, as His Children. We took interest in each other and began to be united as a group. Even now we keep up that unity among us. My contact with the sisters has changed my outlook towards them and I know that they are my own sisters. I keep them informed of all good and bad events of my life and approach them for guidance and help any time.
Laxmi Narayan Jena (Rickshaw puller), Water works Road, Puri – 752002

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I have been associated with this prestigious institution since the year 1992. Sisters of Charity has given me the best years of my life. I learnt the values of life, the principles of integrity here. Truth, honesty, modesty can take you forward-my school taught me this. If you respect others you gain it back, I learnt here. Politeness has no substitute - this teaching has given me immense result throughout the years, wherever I have gone. The love, compassion, consideration and care this institution offers is unparallel. The appreciation for sincerity touched me here. When my smallest of the gestures got noticed, it was a treasured gift. My school is my pride, I am proud of my education which taught me education is being humble. “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in man” - said Swamiji. I don't know if I have the perfection, but Sisters of Charity certainly has brought out the best in me with their purity, chastity, honour and determination. I am what I am largely because of them. I hope they continue to teach by example, just as they have been doing for years.
Ruchira Chatterjee, Ex-student & Teacher, Holy Child Girls’ High School, C.I.T. Road

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Today, I am an officer of State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (A Government of West Bengal Enterprise) and a father of two children, well established in the society. All these were made possible due to my family guide Maria Bambina (Holy Infant Mary) and my dear motherly sisters. Without their extreme support in my childhood I would not have reached where I am today. Because of the sisters’ teachings, my family and I are faithful to the Holy Church and Mother India. I am very proud to say “I am the son of the Church and the Congregation of Sisters of Charity.” I pray and hope that as long as I am alive I will keep in touch with my congregation, being a good Associate of the Redeemer, helping in Prison Ministry with my sisters, preaching Christ in various fields, with the Redeemer’s Choir to rejoice with the Almighty and be a good father of many. Once more I express my gratitude and love to Lord Jesus through my model Sts. Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa and my motherly sisters for offering me this good green and lighted life. Thank you.
Mr. Augustine Halder, Halder Villa Nirmalnagar , Krishnanagar, Dist: Nadia - 741101, West Bengal, India

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I am a resident of Chilimpur village living here for more than 45 years. I know the sisters from my childhood, their simple and sacrificial life has touched me. I am also a patient of this hospital from its infancy. I know the struggles and difficulties it went through to become a hospital as it is now. I feel happy and proud to see the changes that have taken place over the years. It was mine and my peoples earnest desire and dream that the sisters should bring such equipments like x-ray and ultrasound so that we do not have to go to faraway places for our investigations. To go to the town require to hire a vehicle, find a companion, extra money for investigations and refreshments, the reports will not be ready on the same day and have to go another day, so the expense becomes double and triple. Poor people like me who live on our daily wages cannot afford extra expenses. Once I go to the town and come back I feel more sick than before and have to spend another two days in bed or in the hospital. Therefore I am extremely grateful to the Lord, to the sisters and their superiors who are concerned about us. Today we can have our investigations done here and get well with less money, and what we earn we can use for our children’s education and maintenance.
Rosa Hembrom, Chilimpur, Dist-Birbhum

What Holy Family school means to me

Past seventeen years of experience as a teacher has given me a lot of valuable memories to be cherished. To start with I consider myself most fortunate that God has selected me to serve in this Holy Family Girls’ High School, which is my second home. My colleagues as my best friends, my students as my daughters, our Headmistress Sr. Ancita as my guardian and God as my father guiding and protecting this Institution with his paternal care and love. Hailing from a totally different cultural and religious back ground at first I was a bit apprehensive that I would have problem in adjusting in the school. But I was proven wrong. Our Sisters of Charity was and is always very welcoming, helpful, co-operative, kind and understanding towards us. So I never had any problem in accepting the modes of the newly found Institution. I always feel overwhelmed realizing the way this Institution accept each and every one of this great family. Though a missionary school she has never shown any favoritism. She is a perfect example of secularism. We may have different beliefs and conceptions but we work here as a team. We see here the inter mingling of various colors of sects, caste, creed and religion. Students from different walks of society come to study here, though with different socio economic back ground, everyone is treated equally. The school authority tries it’s very best to take care of each child and guide them to excel in life, academically morally, spiritually and psychologically. This institution I believe is like an old, strong, protective, inspiring, banyan tree spreading out its branches strongly in the society to build its future in the hands of the students who were and are a part of this prestigious Institution. The achievements are like the leaves which when fall give birth to new one, thus to new achievements following the motto of “God to Great”. Following this motto we are trying to reach the apex of perfection as a student, as a teacher, as an individual and finally as a family where warmth, respect and acceptance reign supreme. My post in this school has taught me a lot of lessons for life – patience, tolerance, dedication, fellow feelings, team spirit and hard work, above all an inspiration to be a better person who is proud to say that she is a teacher of Holy family Girls’ High School. And finally I would say “If there is a rebirth I would like to be born as a teacher as part of the Holy Family Girls’ High school “
Smt. Sutapa Tarafdar ( Teacher in English), Holy Family Girls’ High School, Krishnagar, Nadia

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I, Madhuri Burnwal (Thapa), am a past pupil of St. Capitanio Girl’s High School, Nagrakata. In 1972, my two sisters and I were admitted in the aforementioned convent school. We were taken in and were accepted as family members by the Sisters of Charity of Maria Bambina. They gave us motherly care and love and made us feel at home. Without their help, our lives would have been miserable and aimless, as we were orphaned at a very tender age. The Bambina Sisters gave us a very good education – including Moral Education - a proper value system. They taught us how to stand on our own two feet. At present, I am a teacher at a reputed missionary school. One of my sisters has settled abroad in New Zealand. The other sister is employed as a nurse in an internationally acclaimed hospital. The three of us are indebted to the sisters who nurtured us and made us who we are today. We are very grateful for all that they have done for us and pray that their good work is blessed in abundance.
Mrs. Madhuri Burnwal, Space Town, Block - 7, Flat 4C, Raghunathpur, Kolkata - 700052

"Prayer of a good man works powerfully"

These lines from the Bible have inspired me from my childhood and I still follow these words truly. Reflecting on this line I thought of admitting my son to a school where it is followed. After a thorough search I felt fortunate enough to admit my child in St. Capitanio School, Maliapota. I came to know many things about their way of life which inspired me and helped me to be disciplined in my life’s journey. I have noticed that all the missionary schools inculcate in the students, qualities like morality, perseverance, creativity and tolerance. I have also understood that the students are given the choice for free thinking, free reasoning and thus give their own opinions regarding their curricula. The co-curricular activities are in full swing in the school. I am also accustomed with the various social works conducted by the Sisters of Charity, the love and dedication of their service not only to the school children but also to the helpless and the needy. I have come to realize that a school cannot run without the dedication of the teachers as my father himself is a school teacher in our locality. I have come across innumerable students who come out of this school securing brilliant results and establishing themselves in a respectable position in life. This would have remained incomplete without the teachers who always are pillars behind the success of their students. Undoubtedly, I would be the first person to be very glad to have my son admitted to this particular school. I wish and pray to God that “the Sisters of Charity” may mould the young minds to be better citizens of tomorrow, having the courage to fight for what is right and bravely face the realities of life.
Atiqur Rahaman Mondal, Gobindapur, P.O.Patharghata, , Dist.Nadia-741103 West Bengal

A memorable experience of my school days in Holy Child Institute, 1, Abhedananda Road,Kolkata

I passed out from Holy Child Institute, Kolkata, in the year 1988. I have studied in this school only for four years – classes VI, VII, IX, and X, as my father had a transferable job. You must be thinking where I studied in Class VIII. Yes, I want to share with all of you this memorable experience of mine, because whenever I remember my school, this is the experience which comes to my mind first. A major part of my school life has been spent in convent schools; and the ambience, the serenity, the discipline, the love and care of the sisters had always touched me. I always had great respect for sisters. In Holy Child also there was the same nurturing and discipline. After studying there in classes VI and VII, my father suddenly got transferred to Coochbehar and we had to shift there. Even after getting admission in one of the best private schools there, I terribly missed the atmosphere of Holy Child. I became so sad that I wrote a letter to Sr.Romana, who was the principal of Holy Child Institute at that time. Sr.Romana had a calm, strict yet gentle and loving personality, so though I had a lot of regard for her I also feared her. She had a wonderful ability of knowing and understanding each student of the school personally and she used to deal with them likewise keeping in mind their well-being. In the letter which I wrote to Sister, I expressed my feelings for my school and how I missed it. I was deeply moved to receive a letter from her mentioning that she remembered me very well for my humility and inspired me to keep up my spirit and practice what I had learnt from the school. The letter was so full of affection that I treasured it for a long time. Just after one year when I got promoted to Class IX, my father once again got transferred to Kolkata and I was granted admission to class IX in Holy Child again. This is what Holy Child is, what the sisters and teachers are and the values they uphold. Along with the academic part, the sisters and the teachers have always paid great attention in developing a good human being. Today, I myself am a dedicated sister in ‘Brahma Kumaris’ organization. This is a spiritual value-educational organization spread all over the world, which gives spiritual education and meditation training people from all walks of life. I love and enjoy the service that I offer here and I feel humbly grateful to God - our Supreme Father for using me as an instrument for the service of mankind. But I must say that the values, the teachings, and the practical example of the sisters of Holy Child, their purity, their simplicity, had a deep impact on me and is certainly one of the reasons which led me choose such a life of service and gain great satisfaction out of it. I along with other sisters of Brahma Kumaris share a great rapport with all the sisters of both the Holy Child Schools of Kolkata at Abhedananda Road and C.I.T. Road and we feel very happy whenever we get an opportunity to offer our services there, as sisters quite often organize classes on topics like Positive Thinking, Personality Development, Understanding Success, Developing Concentration through Meditation for students along with sessions with teachers and parents. I express my deep gratitude and regard to all the sisters and teachers of my school.
B.K.Shreyasi, Brahma Kumaris, Rajyoga Bhawan, 81/1, Block –C, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata - 700 055