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The General Manager of ‘Tata Iron and steel company Ltd’. made an official visit to Sanctoria hospital in the mid 1950s and was impressed by the outstanding administrative skills of the Sisters of Charity. Mr. K. R. Cursetji wrote to the Provincial Superior, Sr. Rose Minella, “I would like to have three Italian / German / French sisters who are strong, to enable us to control the hospital staff and workers efficiently”. After consulting with the Archbishop of Calcutta, Rt. Rev. Ferdinand Perier SJ, to which the area belonged and the Provincial of the Jesuits of Jamshedpur, Sr. Rose asked the authorities of the hospital to provide visas for the Italian sisters and wait for the permission from the Superior General residing at Milan.

Four sisters were warmly welcomed at the Jamadoba Hospital on 3rd November 1958. The sisters were accommodated in a bungalow provided by the hospital which also provided necessary arrangements for the conveyance of a priest who would have to come from Sindri parish.

At the request of Fr. L. J. Hunt S.J, the director of Damien Social Welfare Centre’, Sr. Carmel Topno joined his team and started to work in various leprosy colonies of Dhanbad district. There were around 1500 leprosy patients in seven colonies and she extended her service of medical care to 60,000 members residing in different colonies

In the year 1976, the community ventured into a number of new projects for village uplift, viz. Community Development, Women’s Welfare, Mother and Child Health Care and immunization programme to teach the poor women of the area about the nutrition values of food, cleanliness, home remedies, first-aid and kitchen- garden, so that they learn to live a healthier and dignified life. The Tea Company took over the project under’ Rural Development Program’ in the year 1978 and the sisters’ involvement was discontinued. The sisters now take care of the patients with love.