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Ranchi, that became the capital city of Jharkhand, at the bifurcation of the state of Bihar in 2000, is having a floating population consisting of migrants from the rural tribal belt which is socially backward. They flock to the city for job facilities, business and education. In the 1980s, Sr. Josephine Vellanikkaren, the Provincial Superior, saw Ranchi as a veritable garden to help the young girls aspiring to study further and had nowhere to stay. She went ahead with the project of establishing a community in the heart of the city.

When her aspiration was expressed to the Archbishop Rt. Rev. Pius Kerketta, she was advised to find her own way. Fr. Kamath S.J. from Manresa House helped the sisters to find a small house on rent at Karamtolli, in the outskirts of Ranchi town. Sr. Ezia Beck and Sr. Prescilla Attipetty, unmindful of the many unforeseen inconveniences and hurdles, ventured for the new assignment on 13th January 1983 and entered the portals of the ‘Blessed House of Charity’ as Bartolomea would call it. “There is no electricity, no light and no water”, Sr. Priscilla wrote to the Provincial Superior, “We prepared some ‘Kichuri’ on a stove and relished it with keen appetite”. The two zealous missionaries set out with their objective ‘to reach out to the young girls’. Within a few days, the house with the hostel was vibrant with joyful shouts of young girls studying in different educational institutions of the town. The house accommodated nearly forty girls in the hostel.

Meanwhile the hunt for another house in the vicinity of the town had continued. The sisters shifted their residence to the newly purchased house at 13, P.N. Bose Compound on Purulia Road on 27th November1989. The community of ‘Jeevan Dhara’ was officially erected on14th December 1989 with Sr. Eulalia Noronha at its helm along with two more sisters as members. With their frequent visits to the families in the slums, instructing them and teaching them, the sisters were able to bring about change in their life style. It was a fulfilling experience to sit with the women of all age groups and teach them to read and write. The sisters continued to be of service to many college going girls in the hostel for their spiritual and educational uplift. The vibrant and loving atmosphere in the hostel as well as the continuous tour of the sisters in the villages goes on. The house is an ideal centre for the educational facilities for the young girls and sisters of the province to continue their higher studies.