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  • Would you like to serve Jesus in the poor, the sick and the needy?
  • Would you like to dedicate your life to Jesus to be used by Him to spread His love, mercy and forgivness?
  • Would you like to be a follower of Jesus and consecrate your life to Him?

We invite you "to come and see" and experience our life.

Join Us > Spiritual Fraternity of Sts. Bartolomea and Vincenza

It provides you the possibility of sharing in the spirituality of our saints and imitating them in the places and situations of daily life as a lay person. This is also an occasion to live to the full your own Christian calling as a disciple of Christ in your own home and place of work. Hence the following helps are offered:

  • You will be given an opportunity to know the life of our Saints Bartolomea and Vincenza and learn about their dreams to translate love of God into love and service of neighbor.
  • Moments of prayer and reflection on the Word of God
  • Sessions of study and deepening of the knowledge of the spiritual experience
  • Introduced to the manner of living our Christian in the manner of Bartolomea and Vincenza leading to holiness of life.
  • Learn their style of service of charity in reaching out to the most needy today
  • Sharing of inspirations and insights as also motivations in doing good works
  • Sessions of faith sharing – experiences of God’s presence in the carrying out of works of mercy.

You will be led to forming a group with other good-intentioned Christians who are willing to lend a hand in the service of the neighbor while carrying out your own responsibilities in the family and society. This group will meet at regular intervals (monthly or bi-monthly as the group and their animator deem fit) to discuss and share spiritual insights and inspire one another as you relate your own experiences of meeting and loving the Lord in the most needy brethren.

A milestone in the history of the province was reached when sharing the charism with the laity was initiated in Calcutta Province in 2000. All the sisters were animated to organize the lay persons to share the spirituality of our saints. The persons who joined this group were called ‘Lay Associates of the Redeemer’in the beginning; at present they are known as ‘Spiritual Fraternity of Sts. Bartolomea and Vincenza’. Being imbibed by the spirit and the charism of Bartolomea, the group was enthusiastic and find joy and fulfilment in the service of the Lord and the neighbour. They take up activities which are within their reach: such as being model christian parents within their families, giving christian formation to their children, assisting the needy and standing by them, taking active participation in the parish work, help building small christian families in their neighbourhood, visiting families, hospitals and physically or metally challenged people. They join the sisters in the various celebrations of the congregation which enable them to deepen their understanding of the charism. Within a span of thirteen years, nearly hundred members are initiated by 12 communities. For a better understanding and deepening of the spirituality the members from all the units come together at every alternate year. The VI general assembly was held in October 2013 where 58 members from 8 units participated, This has brought them closer to each other and to our Saints.

May the Most Holy Redeemer make us His true followers

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Jesus said, "The poor are always with you."

Would you like to join hands with us to help the poor and the needy in the various works of the Congregation and to spread the Kingdom of God?

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