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“The Institute has as its main aim the education of the poor girls… What I have learnt in prayer, I will teach to others.” -FD 4

Our Educational institutions derive their inspiration from the life and teachings of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Following the values imbibed by St. Bartolomea Capitanio from Jesus the Redeemer, we instill the same in our charges.

Christian education is the formation of the whole person after the image of God and of Christ according to St. Bartolomea. Education of the young was for her a service of charity. Bartolomea places before us the nobility of our vocation and our responsibility before God and His people.

The majority of the Sisters are engaged in the Educational Apostolate. We have no caste or creed barriers in our Institutions and our preference is for the poorest who have a special place in our hearts and in our Institutions.
The vision of Bartolomea guides us to improve the quality of our education. Spiritual formation forms an important part of our education through retreats, prayer meetings, orientation programmes, seminars, value education classes, moral science classes etc.
Faith Formation of the children is given great importance through the teaching of Catechism, recollection days, Bible study, Bible Quiz, Mass and confession , talks and retreats. Special attention is given to our boarders .

Our educational Institutions are made use of for the needs of the Church and of the locality, for the holding of coaching classes for the poor etc.