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“The poor sick and infirm will be the delight of my hear.” -Vow of Charity.

We reach out with the concept of holistic health care, promoting it through the integration of other types of medicine. Preventive health care is also given through the outreach programs and in collaboration with Government Schemes.

Our sisters are engaged in the health care and supportive systems. Many sisters are rendering their services in hospitals and health centres including administration and direct services. We have four sister Doctors. Our sisters are also engaged in the Nursing Education in the School of Nursing.

We have 4 Hospitals, 1 Health Centre, and we render medical service in a Government Hospital in Goa. We also run 2 Dispensaries. Preventive health care is given through outreach programmes, also through collaboration with Government Schemes. Our Primary health Centres exist in remote areas where medical and diagnostic facilities were non-existent earlier.

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital caters to the General conditions. Specialists, Physicians and surgeons are available 24 hours. The HIV/AIDS patients are also taken care of without any discrimination. It is a referral centre for maternity (OB and Gynaec). The Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology to cater to all types of cases. It also has diagnostic facilities, X-ray, Ultra-sonography, Physiotherapy, Blood Bank services and in-house Pharmacy.

The School of Nursing was started by Sr. Leonarda Casiraghi in 2000. We train our surrounding poor village girls with no opportunity for higher studies, by providing nursing education as a profession to become efficient care providers, with a spirit of compassion, commitment and love.