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“The religious consecration makes it possible for us to be fully and constantly available to the mission.” -Cs.9

We qualify our works of mercy through charity, gentleness and humility in order to light new hope and courage in the poorest, the forsaken, the downtrodden and the marginalized. We consider our works of mercy as a place where we meet the Lord and through which the people come in contact with His charity. We seek to sense the “Divine’ in persons with whom we live and to whom we are sent.

”God has reserved such a great and charitable enterprise for these times, when the need is great and urgent.. to do everything possible, to suffer everything and even to shed their blood for the good of their neighbor.” -F.D. 14 The sisters who are full timers have a regular action plan to face the emerging needs of the times. The stress has been more on empowering the poor and the rejected of society, paying special attention to the girl child, the adolescents and the women whose needs are both material and spiritual., empowering them to claim their rights and doing whatever in needed. They make the sorrows, anguish and suffering of the sick, aged, children, youth etc their own as Jesus did and help them to rediscover the meaning of their lives and regain their sense of human dignity.

We continue the dedicated service to the sick, the aged, the children, the youth, the less privileged in the various forms of social service with special attention to the poorest, those rejected or condemned to isolation by the society. We make their sorrow and anguish our very own as Jesus did and help them to rediscover the meaning of their lives and regain their sense of dignity, to give Christian value for their painful conditions and be transformed into a means of Redemption.

Our Sisters are engaged in:

  • Self help group SHGs
  • Prison Ministry
  • Drop outs - child labour school
  • Coaching classes for slow learners
  • Children’s club
  • Tailoring,& knitting
  • Grihini under this we take First Aide, gardening , house-keeping, cooking, Health and Hygiene
  • Camps = Medical, summer camps for children.
  • Balawadis, Nursery
  • Alcoholic project ( Bhalki)